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Chloe 192 Autism is a challenging disorder that doesn’t just affect the individual, but the entire family.  It’s truly a 24/7 job.

Chloe is the middle child of three girls.  She was diagnosed at 21 months with autism and as she grows up, her autism appears more and more complex with increased challenges weekly.

While she looks like any other child on the playground, it doesn’t take long to realize that something just isn’t right with her.  Her lack of language, unusual sounds, quirky hand motions and behaviors including throwing all objects in sight, pulling hair and running off all make Chloe different.Chloe 203

Chloe is among the small percentage of girls coping with autism.  About 85% of the autism population are boys. Current statistics from 2016 are startling: 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism today. Sadly, there’s no medical detection for autism and no cause—therefore, no cure.Chloe 219

Donations this year will help support Chloe’s biomedical treatment, a few 1-week overnight camp experiences in Bradenton, FL this summer, Camp Easterseals UCP in Virginia, and exploring specialists for Chloe.

Chloe 187Chloe has made some gains through a combination of therapies including biomedical, behavior, and hippo therapy (horse).  These therapies are all out of pocket expenses with insurance covering very little.  Therefore, the Bridge To Healing Foundation has become instrumental in earmarking money raised for Chloe’s needs.

CHLOES CHALLENGE LOGO 2015-NEW-ONE COLOR EFFECTS BEVEL AND DROPSHADOWRead more on the Run For Autism Page on how Cindy and Jim are fundraising money for their beloved Chloe.  Bridge to Healing Foundation is a wonderful non profit that supports Chloe’s therapies.  Without this foundation and the compassionate woman who has created this foundation, Chloe would have  nothing.

Please pray that one day Chloe finds her voice.  Thank you for your support.

Bridge To Healing

Bridge To Healing

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